Who is Old Chingu?

This Korean American Rapper turned Christian Lofi Singer is a powerhouse of love, positivity, and relatability. Redefining what it means to be an Asian American, and bridging the gap between the average person and the content creator, Old Chingu extends a welcoming hand to all those in need.

"Growing up Asian American is tough" 

Old Chingu shines some light on a very specific situation that although relatable to some, is not touched on enough in the media. A calm demeanor is needed for him to come to terms with his childhood and make amends. Coming from a "broken home" he says reconciling with his family is the first step in creating a better future. 



"Feeling like you could fit in anywhere, but at the same time not fitting perfectly... Having parents that work constantly and show love in the form of a different culture..."

Being Korean American is a large part of Old Chingu's identity and how he connects with the people he meets. He sees past the barriers and finds common ground to establish long-lasting and meaningful connections. Growing up as an outsider allowed him to see the way people interact with each other, and gave him an opportunity to find similarities with people from "all walks of life". 






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