Tyler Parker - Happier (Music Video) Review!

Tyler Parker brings us a happy-sad alternative pop tune about the struggles of being human. Addiction is a human faculty.

Overlooked, it comes in the form of drugs, relationships, validation, and even social media interaction...

Happier is a song about how nothing external will bring us happiness. A life-long search for ‘that one thing.

The perfect relationship

The perfect body

The perfect house, family, bank account, lifestyle, diet, friendship, schedule...

None of it will satisfy us. We continue running in circles, chasing smoke shadows of things that will leave us tattered and broken; completely burnt out.


This melancholic progressive ukulele tune is an ode to what makes us human. Our seeking nature. Our inability to rest in the present as the rest of the earth does.


Although it is our very demise, it is the very thing which propels us forward toward new heights. But the question is, what is the point of such heights? 


All will crumble away when the earth shatters... until then, just do what makes you happy. Bring joy to yourself and those around you, and remember:


Happiness isn’t an object, happiness is a choice. 




Review by Old Chingu:

Music Video: 9/10 very well done and made me shed a tear.

Lyrics: 8/10 mixed with thought-provoking and deep vocabulary that would have you thinking Tyler is a philosopher and a scholar.

Vibe: 8.5/10 A sad, but lovely tune.

Replay Value: 11/10 brb gotta listen again.

Overall Score: 9.1/10



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Old Chingu

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