Old Chingu's Millionaire Vlogs (Review)

Last week Old Chingu gave us a blessed tour of his new million-dollar estate and the wacky on-goings of his borderline autistic thought process  

haha just kidding



but in all seriousness, this video marks a glorious day for Old Chingu and his Asian American antics. The day this video was posted, Old Chingu succesfully transgressed the border between Korean American rapper, and Korean American influencer.


Random person: Oh you in school?

Old Chingu: Nah

Rando: wyd?

Old Chingu: influence


What's next?


I got some 1 on 1 interview time with Old Chingu himself and he said you guys can expect many more of these hilarious vlog videos. I think Old Chingu's hilarious millionaire vlogs capture the crazy person vibes of an off-brand Filthy Frank who fusion-ha'd with a cringier version of cherdleys. You guys can expect to see em once a week on his youtube (Subscribe for cake)



My honest review? I thought it was hilarious. I don't think he's that funny in all seriousness, but that day changed my entire perspective on Old Chingu's Millionaire Vlogs™


I think he will be running up aginst the heavy hitters of comedy like Smosh, Cherdleys, Nick Colletti, Filthy Frank, and Hannah montana


Overall Rating: 4.8/10

Old Chingu's Millionaire Vlogs™


Was this even a house tour? All he did was scream.













Old Chingu

Haha this guy is funny

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